high wear-resisting feature 

energy saving 
ISO9001:2000, CE, CQC 
long service life 
stable operation


Working Principle: 

The machine’s leather belt and wheel are driven by the electric motor, then the movable jaw begins to move up and down by the eccentric shaft, when the movable jaw moves from top to bottom, the angle between fixed jaw and movable jaw becomes smaller, the movable jaw plate deviates from the fixed jaw plate under the function of dragging rod and spring, at this moment, the jaw crusher materials are discharged from the bottom outlet of the crushing cavity.









Jaw crusher has advantages of simple structure, reliable working, easy manufacturing, easy maintenance, low cost and so on. It is widely used in beneficiation, building materials, silicate and chemical industry. It is used as coarse crushing and secondary crushing when crush the hard stones and medium hard stones in the beneficiation industry. In other industries and small mining, the jaw crusher is sometimes used as fine crusher. 


(1) Start feeding after checking that the machine works well.(2) Evenly put the material into the machine, and avoid putting material from the side or feeding too much to avoid over feeding, sudden load change or being blocked.(3) Stop feeding before stopping machine. Stop motor of jaw crusher after all materials discharged.(4) Stop the motor if there is any stagnancy due to the blocking up of material inside the machine.(5) The other side can be used if one side of fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate are worn.

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